The Juggernaut Mobile Artillery Walkers are a series of long range bipedal artillery walkers created by the Global Defense Initiative.

The first prototype was the Juggernaut MkI which didn't last in testing, but thankfully paved the way to the still commonly used MkII and MkIII variants. To differentiate, the MkII's are referred to as Behemoths, and the MkIII's as Juggernauts, though they still fall under the same series.

The Juggernauts main job is to provide long distance artillery support against enemy structures, and can strike from extreme distances provided a sniper team can give them co-ordinates. The cannons are also capable of dealing incredible damage to vehicles, and should a vehicle get too close, the Juggernauts large feet can smash them to pieces.

The Behemoth unfortunately does not have the extreme-range ability the Juggernaut has. Instead, the Behemoth has the ability to carry infantry units on its body, allowing them to provide fire support at close range, when an enemy is too close for the cannons but too far for the feet.

Despite it's incredible firepower, the Juggernauts weakness in both versions is aircraft. Unless rocket soldiers are riding the Behemoth, both types of the walker are completely vulnerable to aircraft and unable to fire back. Apart from this setback, the Juggernaut is not to be underestimated in the field.

Following GDIs collapse, the Behemoths were completely abandoned, however the USSR kept its Juggernauts as part of the Black Guard.


  • The drivers of the Juggernaut/Behemoth, despite it's rather mean looking demeanour, like to add character to the vehicle when not in combat, including pecking at the ground with the cannons like a chicken, balancing on one leg and scratching it with the other, and even sitting down on it's haunches like a dog.

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