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KT Squad 284 is the 284th squad of the AAKAW. Admiral Kittz is in charge of this squad. Nate Blake is highly affiliated with this squad, as Kittz is Blake's right-hand-man.


KT-72000: Kittz

KT-90431: Harpal

KT-65249: Kaz

KT-54105: Bacho

KT-82016: Jal

KT-43201: Jaques

KT-00726: Bail

KT-24028: Bansh

KT-01264: Cato

KT-30184: Kal

KT-88740: Knarl

KT-01863: Leo

KT-96236: Jake

KT-01542: Max

KT-71563: Ty

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