Kiloliters of Diarrhea is a currency system in Texas Beach (SnakeSpiderScorpion's Microsoft David universe). One kiloliter of diarrhea is equivalent to $1 USD, except there are three decimal places.

Coining Process

Most of the currency in Texas Beach comes from a large, unique mint called the Diarrhea Mint, where workers are fed mounds of Taco Bell food that will make them feel like a volcano is erupting in their rectum. They then proceed to sit on a giant measuring tank and blast out diarrhea at the speed of sound. As soon as the tank is full, corn and other partially digested foods will be extracted from the tank of liquid feces by a giant strainer above another tank, and is taken to a bank safe.

Meanwhile, citizens are allowed to create their own legal tender diarrhea at home and in public. Texas Beach law requires that every single restroom in the entire world must have a special tank AND at least one toilet (for peeing, or solid stools).

The great world of Texas Beach holds billions of people, and therefore diarrhea is produced very frequently.

Rules regarding the Diarrhea

  • Corn and other undigested food must be extracted from the diarrhea in order to be legal tender
  • It must be a type 6 or 7 on the Bristol Stool Scale