Kimmoorehand is probably the least popular TTS video maker so far. The most views he has is below 100. 14:42, January 1, 2012 (UTC)Kimmoorehand

Kimmoorehand is in the progress of making a Animated Intro, like Wsam0tv and King Thunderbirds himself, but obviously, it won't look anything like those 2 Stars.

Current in Progress Videos:

The Delayed Christmas episodes.

The Delayed Happy New Year.

Kimmoorehand himself going to the airport.

                                                                • NOTE FROM KIMMOOREHAND**********************************************************

PLEASE watch my videos. they dont come as often, actually rarely based on my views, but we already lost so many TTS video makers that its basically just me and Thunderbirds101. So can you guys check out my videos please? They're poorly made, but blame that on Windows Movie Maker, Not me.