The LMAO-2090 is a superlaser that is attached to the SMG Space Station.


In 2011, Iran came under heavy criticism for the apparent production of nuclear weapons, but what Iran was really making was a laser cannon that can decimate entire continents at once. As their secret became more and more known, Iran was forced to abandon the project until they were out of the media spotlight. Afterwards, they began working on the laser cannon, this time under much more scrutiny. On January 1, 2012, the LMAO-2090 was constructed, and was secretly transported to the SMG Space Station orbiting around Earth 2. Very few media companies made note of this strange event, but did not pursue the story, as it did not hold anything suspicious.


On January 23, 2012, the laser was fired. No one knows why it happened, or where it was fired at, but some rumors state that Iran was attempting to destroy Earth 2, which angered President Bussing. Other rumors state that Iran fired the laser at a human-controlled planet light years away. This rumor has not been debunked, but much attention has been gathered on this rumor, since the planet that was supposedly destroyed by Iran was actually decimated by an unknown party. President Bussing was not charge with war crimes, and stated that "Iran would never commit a crime of that high a measure".

Two days later, the rumor was debunked after a chunk of the destroyed planet crash landed on another planet. Further examination of the chunk revealed that the energy that destroyed the planet did not belong to the LMAO-2090, but instead belonged to a Justin Bieber Sonar Cannon.

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