LOLston, TexLOL

LOLston, TexLOL Made: 2010 Ethnics: Anthromorphs: 10% Speakonia: 89% AT&T voices Leader: LockheedF16 Status: Free Military: Fur-0-1

Lolston, Texlol is a shield city, meaning it is a safe haven for many. As of now, many people are flocking to it, due to the loss of homes, but it is being overcrowded.


In 2010, LOLston was founded by Sam LOLston with a goal in his mind to have a city. In 2011, The Republic of My war broke out and a military base was required. LockheedF16 was assigned to this job, and completed 2 months before the ROFL Island Chain war broke out. Also, that was when the Lockheed Skyblock was finished. In the ROFL Island Chain war, CLPA soldiers attacked LOLston with force, but the Fur-0-1 was standing by. When The Cleansing fired, LOLston was nearly wiped out, but mostly everyone got underground.


September 9, 2011: CLPA soldiers launched OMG Jump jets and attacked. Fur-0-1 faught back and won. Casualties: 99

October 16, 2011: Missiles en route to LOLston (mainly the Skyblock) hit the city. Casualties: 400

May 24, 2012: CLPA soldiers mucked about in the filing cabinets. Casualties: None (but files got blood on them)


AnLOL ROFLer: 2010-2012 (retired)

LockheedF16: 2012-present


The TexLOL flag flies with undying pride along with the ULR flag.
TexLOL flag

This is the TexLOL flag that is on the Skyblock.

The Fur-0-1 flag also flies around the city.
Fur-0-1 ad pic

This is the Fur-0-1 flag that flies with pride among others.

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