LTIB was a series made by Rhonda Kelley originally aired on March 5, 2017 and ended it's run somewhere in June. Starting with The Logos Get an Additude. She now deleted her YouTube channel and all the videos are gone. However, Part one of her episode 51 can be seen in a episode of Jonathan Franco-Martin's series.


Microsoft Sam

Microsoft Mike

Microsoft Mary

Microsoft Anna

RoboSoft 1 as The Devil

RoboSoft 2 as the BP Shield

RoboSoft 4 as Rhonda Kelley

RoboSoft 5 as Microsoft Anna (LTIB 3-4) and The She-Devil

Speakonia Male 1 as Scotty and Jonathan Franco-Martin

Speakonia Male 2 as Shining Armor and Jimmy

Speakonia Male 3 as Radar Overseer Robert and Hank

Speakonia Female 1 as Beulah, Fluttershy

Speakonia Female 2 as Abby, Rainbow Dash, and Microsoft Anna (sometimes)


  1. The Logos Get An Additude
  2. Runaway Shield
  3. Party Crashers
  4. BP
  5. Son of Party Crashers
  6. Shield Madness
  7. Merrie Tunes and Looney Melodies
  8. Spelling Counts
  9. Spelling Mistakes
  10. Son of Shield Madness
  11. Son of the Son of Shield Madness
  12. This Vitaphone Is Mine
  13. While Sam Is Away The Logos Will Play
  14. Everything Except The Shield
  15. Blooper Freedom
  16. More Shield Madness
  17. The Crazy Logos Part 1
  18. The Crazy Logos Part 2
  19. Shield Riders
  20. Logo Studio
  21. Close Encounter Of The Logo Kind
  22. Take Me To Logo Land
  23. The Shield Is Playing Games With Us
  24. Logo Mayhem
  25. Out of Control
  26. Caption Fever
  27. The Madness Unmasked
  28. Famous Last Blunders Again
  29. Blooper Madness
  30. The Wicked Bloopers of the West
  31. "Not Posted"
  32. "Also Not Posted"
  33. Commercial Cannibalization
  34. Radar Overseer Scotty Survives
  35. The Logos of the Studio
  36. Still More Shield Madness!
  37. The Unsinkable Shield Madness!
  38. That's Logos To Me
  39. Watch Where That Shield Lands
  40. More Logo Mayhem! (A 2-parter episode. Part 1 made by Jonathan Franco-Martin and part 2 by Rhonda Kelley.)
  41. Logo Madness
  42. TV And Logo Land
  43. The Logos Are Playing Games
  44. The Director on a Sunday Afternoon
  45. More Logo Madness

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