Lamboguy633 (or LG633) is a YouTuber who specializes in TTS comedy and other videos. His most popular TTS comedy series are Microsoft Sam reads Laugh Out Loud Signs and Microsoft Sam reads Outrageous Engrish. Now, he has a new TTS talk show series called Tea and Bulll Shits Area. In addition to these, he also uploads other videos from Angry German Kid parodies to Flight Simulator X videos.,

Lamboguy633 character depiction


September 18, 2001

Joined YouTube:

May 2, 2015


Flight Simulator X, commercial aviation, Lamborghinis duh (mostly the Urus), Nevada, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, 1998 Ford Taurus, skiing


School, his parents, fighting with his parents, being sick, his mom constantly deleting his YouTube channel


January 12, 2017



Alter Egos:

AirCrashGenius101 (Roblox), TheMightyMD11 (

Voiced By:

Adult Male #7

TTS Universe

Lamboguy633 is the God of the Lambos and uses his all-mighty Dark Urus to keep society in check. If anyone dares to disobey his power, he punishes them by shoving the Dark Urus up their anus and forcing them to shit it back out again.

As in real life, Lamboguy lives at his northern Nevada home with his four dachshunds, Ted, Doxie, Dixie, and Trixie.

Real Universe

Lamboguy633 was born on 18 September, 2001, in Carson City, NV. Like ThePermian99, he has Asperger Syndrome, which makes him socially awkward. Despite this, he has many friends and has been in a romantic relationship as of May 2016.

He began using Speakonia in 2014, during which he made his first TTS series, The Takeback of Millardo City, in which there is a zombie outbreak in a city he named after himself. In later years, he began experimenting with funny signs and later began Microsoft Sam Reads Laugh Out Loud Signs, which has become a big hit on his channel. In 2016, he started Microsoft Sam Reads Outrageous Engrish, and, in 2017, Tea and Bull Shits Area.

Lamboguy633 has had his account deleted by his mother 3 times, all of which he has tried to express his strong disapproval toward her actions.

Some Facts

  • He has other Aspie friends who are also on YouTube
  • He has a girlfriend, whom he met back in May 2016
  • He is a commercial aviation buff
  • His favorite airplane is the McDonnell Douglas MD-11
  • He hopes to get a 1998 Ford Taurus as his first car
  • He survived inhaling a thumbtack in 2013
  • He has been skiing since he was 18 months old
  • His favorite daytime game shows are Let's Make a Deal and The Price is Right
  • His favorite food is steamed rice
  • He likes to sleep in until about 11:00 AM
  • He showers twice a day
  • He has 8 private jets and 3 private helicopters in Flight Simulator X
  • He only wants to hear about commercial aviation disasters

Notable Quotes

"From airlines to commercial airliners, just come to me and I'll do my best to help you find an answer." -Lamboguy at the beginning of the first episode of Tea and Bull Shits Area

"Now that's a Mac that nobody wants." -Whenever Lamboguy sees an iMac or a MacBook

"There's always time for pizza!" -Favorite saying from the YouTube Poop "Don't Hug Me I'm Pizzer

"That must have been a major fucking embarrassment." -Lamboguy after watching "The Price Is Right Epic Fail 2017"

"By the power vested in me by the Lambo god, I shall unleash on this stupid dipwad, a force that one might say is oh so f'urus, I hereby summon the all-mighty Dark Urus!" -Lamboguy's chant to summon the Dark Urus