The law of Microsoft Sam's laugh line (Hahahahahahahahahahah soi soi soi soi rofl rofl rofl rofl) was one of the davemadson's laws that appeared in some of davemadson's videos. This law appeared in three davemadson's videos: two Funny Signs episodes: The Best 12 Seconds of Your Life, Birdhouse for Rent, and Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers 81.

This law forbids anyone from using Microsoft Sam's laugh line. Offenders will be executed.

As of the newest video about it, it is taken down by Dave.

History of this law

Sam got this law introduced by LOL-LOL Land after Dave was crotch-kicked by Sam of using his laugh line. Dave threatened to challenge the law in court.

Then in Birdhouse for rent, Mike is the first one to be offended. Revealed Dave had tried to challenged, but the law is still upheld. And Dave threw a tantrum and planted Sam and Mike in the ground. After they dug their way out, Dave got the law repealed against Sam's wishes.

Then Nite Took, a YT user, whose make LOL-LOL Land Laws to be repressive, reinstate the law, but Dave filed a lawsuit and the law is taken down, yet again. Because, if LOL-LOL Land is a democracy and that harms Free Speech.

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