Teh man himself XD

Lighningmaster1997 is a TTS video maker who lives in the North East of England, who is a popular hate video maker, and does all sorts of other TTS stuff. He is best friends with DelawareLover901, who also makes TTS videos. He was previously known as Thunderbirds76, Thundermaster1997, but his old accounts were closed due to trolls. He has ADHD and autism and does not tolarate trolls and hates people who hate him. He formerly lived in Knaresborough until August 2013 when he moved to Skipton

He returned to YouTube under the name of TB76 Returns, although it is not clear whether he'll be making TTS videos or not


Current Residence

Skipton, North Yorkshire, Great Britain

Country of origion


Years Active


Current Status

Held in custody of Flandre 10000 and Remilia 9000 but rescued by Tsumugi Kotobuki and is now kept safe in her company. He is currently planning an invasion of Crimea against the occupying Russians to free the region from Russian military aggravation

Former Residence

Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England


He is 16 years old and is strongly influenced by his friends, and is somtimes a bit to lazy to make a video, or runs out of ideas and gets inspired by other people. But he is quite inteligent, but if you mess with him, he will not be pleased.

Update concerning his future intentions

Though it is now 2 years after he left YouTube, he may or may not return, if he were to go back to YouTube, he would like to restart his Microsoft Sam error series brand new, and maybe introduce more characters and final bosses and possibly Gmod Videos and Downfall of Hitler Parodies as well. He is currently considering returning as of 20/09/2012.

UPDATE 02/12/2014

Though he is nearly 18 now, he has no plans to make any more YouTube videos, he is unsure whether to make more videos or not, or even return to YouTube. However, he has not ruled out a return to YouTube.

Held prisoner by Flandre 10000 and Remilia 9000 and rescued by Tsumugi Kotobuki

When The Flandre Scarlet Robots were revived along with the new Remilia 9000, he was held in their prison in Scarlet Mansion. Despite numberous attemps to rescue him by Marisa, Reimu, and Radar Overseer Gordon, it has all failed due to the effects of Remilia 9000's Really Sucky Virus. On 7th May 2013, he was sucessfuly rescued by Tsumugi Kotobuki from the anime K-ON!, she now keeps him in her safety, away from the evil forces of his enemies and TTS enemies, including Flandre 10000. The two have fallen in love after the rescue.

Tetris XP


Planned invasion of the Crimea 3D

He has been making plans with Radar Overseer Gordon Freeman and others to launch an attack on the Russian army in Crimea, despite the fact he is still in safety with Tsumugi Kotobuki. He is unsure when the attack will proceed or if there is enough supplies for the invasion. If you would like to support his invasion of the Crimea, please let him know.

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