Linux Craig

Linux Craig, as he appeared in "The Attack of the Penguins"

Linux Craig was Linux Anna's second-in command working for the Supreme AI. Craig is a cunning man, and was once believed to be Anna's brother.

He also is extremely intelligent, as he found out the weakness of the Supreme AI, and gave it to her creators to deactivate her and seal her in a cell for months on end.

He also was present at the treaty signing dividing the country into two separate ones. He also fled to Mars following the death of his superior.

The War in the Republic of My

Sometime after the opening strikes of the war in the Republic of My, The Supreme AI killed Anna with a plastic spoon infected with the worst version Windows Vista known to the universe. Craig fled the scene, despite Robo Enforcer locking the doors and sealing the windows. He left behind a note that revealed the Supreme AI's ultimate weakness: IWAY Cookies. To protect himself, Craig fled Earth 2 on a shuttle jet that he stole.

Months in Hiding (non-canon)

Main Article: Linux Craig's Journey to Mars

Linux Craig -Republic of My-

Linux Craig, as he appeared in The Republic of My War

Final Moments and Death

Microsoft Sam and Mike, along with the ROFL Robot, met Craig at an underground facility underneath the Martian surface, where he revealed the weakness of the Supreme AI, after nearly being assassinated by Robo Enforcer. Sam thanked Craig for the intel and prepared to gather supplies from their ship, The USS Radar Overseer.

But fate had plans for Craig, as The Supreme AI had Jokermingo0044 and a platoon of Horribly Deformed Midget Pig Monkeys with Automatic Firearms infiltrate the facility, capturing Mike and killing Craig, while Sam and the ROFL Robot escaped. His body remains on Mars, the facility having been abandoned and left undiscovered by any other galactic forces.


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