Lockheed Skyblock

Here is the Lockheed Skyblock. This may look like the JPMorgan Chase Tower, but it isn't.

The Lockheed Skyblock was a multi-million dollar project in Halcyon that LockheedF16 made. There are 73 floors to this building, all of which are heavily guarded to prevent CLPA incursions.


Floor -2: Nuclear Bunker with enough provisions for 8 years

Floor -1: Warehouse*

Floor 1: Lobby

Floors 2- 6: Meeting rooms

Floor 7: Holo room*

Floors 8- 18: Computer rooms (due to the large number of people in the tower)

Floors 19- 22: Explosives storage* (30 guards. Code is [REDACTED])

Floors 23- 28: Armory* (again due to giant scores of people)

Floor 29: Weapons testing*

Floors 30-33: Supercomputer S.H.I.E.L.D*

Floor 34: Comm room*

Floors 35-40: Barracks*

Floors 41- 43: Refugee Quarters

Floor 44: Speech Balcony*

Floors 45- 48: IWAY Cookie Storage (The only reason this is open is because everyone likes IWAY cookies)

Floor 49- 52: Laboratories*

Floor 51: Hangar

Floor 52- 56: Medical Bay (solution for being injured near the tower)

Floor 57: Internal Power Generator*

Floors 58- 62: Anti-aircraft turrets*

Floor 63: Missile room*

Floors 64- 70: Interrogation Rooms*

Floor 71: VIP rooms*

Floor 72: Lockheed's Personal Hangar*

Floor 73: Lockheed's Quarters/ meeting room*

All floors with this * symbol are off limits to civilians.

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