Logo Intro Bloopers
Logo Intro Bloopers logo
This logo uses the Comic Sans MS font.

Created by

Max Andrew

Based on

Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers by davemadson

Original release

January 5, 2014 – November 6, 2016

Production company

Clever Entertainment

Distributed by

Max Andrew Worldwide Distribution

Running time

5–20 minutes

Country of origin

United Kingdom

Original language


Logo Intro Bloopers is a series created by Max Andrew and based on Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers by davemadson. Unlike Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers, the team always get the logo right at the end of the video, and the language was turned down to be more suitable for people aged 13 and up. One of the popular episodes from the series, was Logo Intro Bloopers 4: Warner Home Video which had 55,010 views as of November 15, 2016. Not only that, but it was also one of the highest viewed videos on Max Andrew's YouTube Channel. But on January 6, 2017, he cancelled the series due to production difficulties and laziness.


  • Microsoft Sam
  • Microsoft Mike
  • Microsoft Mary
  • Microsoft Anna (LIB 3-4)
  • Speakonia Female 1 as Beulah
  • Speakonia Female 2 as Microsoft Anna and Abby
  • Speakonia Male 1 as Scotty
  • Speakonia Male 2 as Jimmy
  • Speakonia Male 3 as Hank and Army of NBC Logos
  • Speakonia Male 4 as Guy, Larry, the Claw of Doom and Army of Fox Logos
  • Speakonia Male 5 as Officer Flanigan, Guy the White and the Jerry Bruckheimer Films logo
  • Speakonia Male 6 as Mr. Warner and Mr. Evil Warner
  • Speakonia Male 7 as Harvey Zilth
  • Speakonia Male 8 as Sidney
  • L&H British Voice 1 as Martin, Michael and Army of BBC Logos
  • L&H British Voice 2 as Martha and Michelle
  • RoboSoft 1 as Sam barfing, the Hikon Films logo, the Windchill Films logo and the Zoom-In Skeleton Eye of Death
  • RoboSoft 2 as the Devil, the Virgin Interactive logo, the Helltimate Studio logo, the Stretch Films logo, the Universal International logo, the Demon THX logo, Luxo Jr. and the SE
  • RoboSoft 3
  • RoboSoft 4 as Angela the Angel
  • RoboSoft 5 as the She-Devil and the Oz Film logo, the Demon Oz Film logo and Army of Oz Film Logos
  • RoboSoft 6 as Mary barfing
  • Mike in Space as God the Almighty
  • Max Andrew


Max originally created it back in 2013 under his production company Max Andrew Productions. He decided to make his own intro blooper using logo footage from Talk To Logo by RapierMultimedia. He made 4 episodes (The Video Collection, Tri-Star Pictures, Ragdoll and Entertainment In Video) and stored it onto his computer. He then uploaded the videos on YouTube and received praise from the fans of davemadson. The fourth episode received more praise and likes than it's predecessors. When production was going on for the fifth episode, things were not going well. He was struggling getting ideas from the fans and his difficult production times of making his videos. He decided to cancel the series on December 23, 2014. Despite the series been cancelled, other shows like The Microsoft Sam Show still made the fans happy enough to like Max. On March 2016, Max received 200 subscribers on his YouTube channel and decided to make the last episode of Logo Intro Bloopers. It was also the first of the series to feature a logo request by Miguel Mateo (now known as Sailor Moon Rie Twilight Sunset Fan POE TWO). They praised Max for the video, but they still didn't want the series to end. So on June 4, 2016, he decided to continue the series and make it Season 2. While it still owns prais, the videos where not a big hit or earning lots of views then it's predecessors. Due to the success of his videos, he earned more subscribers and finished Season 2 with Logo Intro Bloopers 10: Family Home Entertainment. He also decided to made a movie compilation of the ten episodes called Logo Intro Bloopers 1-10. But on January 6, 2017, he cancelled the series due to production difficulties and laziness.

Scrapped ideas

  • Originally he was going to include characters like Winnie the Pooh like Geraint Lewis did. It was stored on his old computer until it died. Instead of recapturing him, he decided not to use copyrighted characters in his show because he wanted to be 'davemadson as possible' despite including Barney on Logo Intro Bloopers 4: Warner Home Video and Logo Intro Bloopers 8: Vestron Video International.
  • In the production of the 2014 Logo Intro Bloopers 5, Max forced Sam to drink Listerine which made him dizzy and go unconscious. At one point Anna suggests Sam to drink her breast milk in order to make him conscious. This was a reference from davemadson's Funny Signs episode Road Head where Dave had to have a drink on Anna. It was scrapped because it was too inappropriate for his channel.

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