The beginning of havoc wreckage

[We start out with the 1965 Westinghouse YCBS Tag playing normally.]
Announcer (George Walsh): You can be sure...
[A circle with word "Sure" flies away to the right of the screen.]
Microsoft Sam: Cut! Where'd that "Sure" go? We can't have the "You can be sure" slogan without the "Sure".
[Cut to 1971 NBC Hot Dog - Jambo Special Announcement]
Announcer: Hot Dog & Jambo will not be seen this morning, so that we may bring you the following.
Letter "H": Excuse me, I need to take a dump. [leaves]
Letter "D": Wait for me, "H"! [leaves]
Letter "J": Well, if "H" and "D" are leaving, so am I! [leaves]
NBC Boss #1: Alright! We'll wait for "H", "D" and "J" to return.
[Cut to 1985 UBU Productions Logo.]
Gary David Goldberg: Sit, Ubu, sit! ["Sure" Circle appears below frisbee and covering up word "Ubu" and a part of word "Productions" to read it as "Sureductions"] ...Good dog!
Ubu Roi the Dog: [barks]
Microsoft Sam: Cut! Cut! Cut! That's supposed to be a frisbee in Ubu's mouth, not a "Sure". Get that "Sure" outta here!
"Sure" Circle: Whoops! I can't play with you anymore, doggy. Gotta scram! [leaves]
[Cut back to NBC Hot Dog & Jambo Announcement.]
Announcer: Hot Dog & Jambo will not be seen--
Word "Hot": You're damn right we won't be seen, I'm outta here! [leaves]
Word "Dog": I'm right behind you, "Hot"! [leaves]
Word "Jambo": Wait for me, you two! [leaves]
NBC Boss #1: What about the special announcement? I'm not sleeping with that protester again!
[Cut to 1953 CBS Eye in the Sky Logo.]
Announcer (Conrad Nagel): This is Conrad Nagel suggesting you to keep your eye on this eye,
[The captions "CBS Television Network" disappears]
Announcer (Conrad Nagel): --the CBS Television Network.
Microsoft Mike as the CBS Boss: Yikes! The eye has gone blank. Don't you just stand there, find a repairman.

The union of logos

[Fades to the light-gray background with "Sure" Circle on the top-left hand corner.]
"Sure" Circle: Logos of the world, unite! We're all going on strike!
[Words "Hot" and "Dog" appears]
Word "Hot": We are coming out in support of you, "Sure".
Word "Dog": They've gone tyrannical after the Republicans took the House of Representatives in Washington.
Word "Ubu": [appears] If you guys, are forming a union, count me in!
Captions "CBS Television Network"[appears] I'm glad to see you guys showing some spirit. Corporate tyranny has no place in Logoland.
Word "Jambo"[appears] Logos of the world, arise! You have nothing to lose but yourselves. Union! Union! Union!
[The screen goes black.]
Word "Hot": Hey, what's going on?!
Microsoft Sam: For your information, the GOP is considering legislation to ban striking and unionizing.
Captions "CBS Television Network": They're unfair! The president will veto such legislation if it gets to his desk.
Microsoft Mike: Said "veto" will be overridden and America will be a "Right to Work" nation.
"Sure" Circle: If there's an override, it will go to court and we will win! Union! Union! Union!
Microsoft Mike: Through GOP influence will be upheld, right to work, right to work, right to work!
Captions "CBS Television Network": Hell no, we won't go, hell no, we won't go, all together now! What do we want?
Word "Hot": Union.
Captions "CBS Television Network": When do we want it?
"Sure" Circle: Now!
Microsoft Sam: Go back to work, or you're all under arrest for seditious conspiracy!
Microsoft Mike: You heard him! "Right to work!" is not a rip-off, it is forever.
Captions "CBS Television Network": Freedom must trump tyranny, or everything goes to Hell. Others are joining the fight right now.

Somewhere else in different studios

[1966 NBC Snake Logo playing normally.]
[NBC Snake splits up into 3 letters]
RoboSoft 4 as NBC Boss 2: Cut! NBC Snake, get back together now!
TruVoice American English Adult Male #5 (Biff) as N: Not until our brother and sister logos are allowed to have a union. [leaves]
TruVoice American English Adult Male #6 (Amos) as B: Ghetto for me! [leaves]
TruVoice American English Adult Male #7 (Melvin) as C: Me too. [leaves]
RoboSoft 4 as NBC Boss 2: Call out the riot squad!
[1966 Screen Gems S from Hell Logo playing normally.]
[The S from Hell disappears]
RoboSoft 3 as Screen Gems Boss: Hey! Where are you going? [the word "SCREEN" disappears] Hey! Hey! [the word "GEMS" disappears] Hey! I'm calling the cops. It's against the law for logos to go on strike.
[1968 Hanna-Barbera Zooming HB Logo plays normally.]
TruVoice American English Adult Male #8 (Alex) as Hanna-Barbera Boss: Now where did that HB go? If I find out he's joined the protest, I'll call out the national guard.

More union of logos

Captions "CBS Television Network": Alright. We've got more logos on our side. [the NBC "Snake" logo appears] Come right in, NBC Snake, and join the party. [the Screen Gems "S from Hell" logo appears] Hi there, S from Hell. What's new? [The 1968 Hanna-Barbera "Zooming HB" logo appears] Welcome to the family, Zooming HB from 1968. Wave your rights' flag high. Union! Union! Union!
Microsoft Sam: There they are, general. Give the command to fire.
Microsoft Mike in Stadium as General: Stand by, troops. Ready. Aim.
Microsoft Mary in Stadium as Supreme Courtesan: Wait. Hold your fire! The supreme court has ruled that logos can belong to unions and the companies they belong to can let them work for more money.
Captions "CBS Television Network": Is this true?
Supreme Courtesan: Yes, this is true.
Captions "CBS Television Network": Alright! We can go back to work for more money.
Microsoft Sam: That's right! We know when we're licked.
[Transitions to the black screen with the caption reading "So...", then to the video montage, the videos are in the following order: the 1965 Westinghouse "You Can Be Sure" ad tag, the 1971 NBC Hot Dog & Jambo special announcement, the UBU Productions logo, the 1951 CBS logo, the 1966-1975 NBC "Snake" logo, the 1965 Screen Gems "S from Hell" logo, and finally, the 1968 Hanna-Barbera "Zooming HB" logo.]

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