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None (Country abandoned)







Lollogramia was an island located about five hundred miles off the east coast of Canaderp (now ULR). It was discovered by a bunch of MLPfans in early 2011, who have been working to bring the dreadful creations from the show to life. They succeeded and began to mass create them, complete with physics defying ways of picking things up.

On February 27, 2012, the USSR discovered this island; four people, with Pieboy, spied on them, discovered a fairly competant military, including air force and navy. The team decided to walk through the main international airport, loaded with military-grade weapons, including, but not limited to ROFL-60s and ROFL-47s. Pieboy stated that he should fight against them only, as their military is, incredibly, almost equal in power to the ULR's, who have the second most powerful army on Earth 2. Pieboy has stated the region has atleast fifteen hundred nuclear weapons, and posed an imminent threat to everyone.

It turned out they had around three thousand warheads. They began a small nuclear war with many countries, Allied and Axis. Ponyfag called for a nuclear cease-fire; everyone accepted. Pieboy began Operation: Spannerhat, and began the invasion of Lollogramia. The battle ended the same day when all the leaders died during a surprise attack. Pieboy planted a nuclear bomb, to destroy the main city. However, the nuke was disarmed. Pieboy insisted that he went back and the others escaped. They waited outside the blast range to see the explosion. Pieboy went back to rearm it, and killed himself and the final Pony leader doing so, much to Nikolai's dispair. Pieboy however, was sent to purgatory, where he met Admiral Johnson and Volishinov. God contacted Pieboy, and sent him back with his two dead friends. Nikolai located the trio and got them back.

Lollogramia was destroyed by a secret third Tsar Lola.

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