Lolperoid Variant 1: Lolperoid Moth (EXTREMELY HOSTILE)

Lolperoids are aliens from an unknown planet. They are extremely hostile and can infect sentient beings, turning them into one of them. There are many variants, which are discovered over time.


The Moth is, as the name states, a giant Moth-like creature. It is highly dangerous and can shoot a beam out of its mouth or abdomen, or just simply swoop down onto its victims. It relentlessly attacks until either the Moth or the victims are dead.


The creature's wings are particularily large and fragile compared to its body. In the event that one does attack, one (or more) must focus fire on its wings to tear them apart (which is difficult since the Moth is also agile and constantly flies above the targets). Once they are pulverized, the creature will vanish.

Another tactic would be to force it to crash into solid objects such as buildings, which is more easily done by grabbing hold of its antennas. Once it takes enough frontal damage, it collapses and beams away.


Crawlers are the standard "infantry" for the Lolperoids. They are similar, in appearance, to giant spiders, except each of their legs have poisonous fangs which deal insignificant to moderate damage on their own, whereas the poison cripples the nervous system temporarily, inducing paralysis and possibly suffocating the victim until it wears out.


The legs are also fragile, similar to the Moth's wings. A few medium-caliber bullets can tear them apart, slowing the creature down. The legs also act as its consciousness centers, so destroying most of them should kill the Crawler.


The Lolperoid Dragon is a human sized lizard-like monster. It is extremely dangerous when engaging its victims. It attacks by either charging a beam from its dark core of by biting and ripping the victims in half.


The core is particularily sensitive to damage, but can only be targeted effectively when the Dragon is charging up its beam, which takes no more than 3 seconds. It is also quite slow compared to the Moth and Crawler.


The Queen is the Leader of the Lolperoids. It is only rumoured that she exists. If she is destroyed, supposedly all Lolperoids die.

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