Loltish Empire
Great LOLtain Flag
The Loltish Empire's Flag



Population at peak

Around 500 million

Countries involved

Now around 16


Great Loltain, overseas territories

The Loltish Empire (now known as the Loltish Commonwealth) was a group of nations that were once ruled by Great Loltain, but have gained their own independence. The 16 nations that remained in the Empire when it finished, gained independence but joined a new group of nations in lieu with Loltain, called the Loltish Commonwealth. At the empire's peak, nearly 500 million people were ruled by the Empire, meaning 1/5 of the population of Earth 2 was ruled by Great Loltain.

Countries Conquered by the Loltish Empire

(Note: These countries are all independent from the United Kingderp)

  • Irelol
  • Froflance
  • Lolta
  • Soiprus
  • Lolgypt
  • Loldan
  • South Soidan
  • Soimaliland
  • Lolbya
  • Uganderp
  • Tacozania
  • Malolwi
  • Zamlol
  • Zimbabwe
  • Belchswana
  • Nomibia
  • Soiziland
  • Lolsetho
  • South Lolfrica
  • Gambelchia
  • Sierra Lolone
  • Ghanacho
  • Conglol
  • Camerofl
  • Jamooca
  • Belolize
  • Canaderp
  • Israelol
  • Palolstine
  • Jorofldan
  • Iroflaq
  • Kuwaitaco
  • Bahroflain
  • Qataco
  • Yourmam
  • Indilol
  • Malaysoi
  • Loldonesia (Soimatra and Papa)
  • Chinom
  • Austroflia
  • Papa New Guinacho
  • New Zealol

Countries Occupied by the LOLtish Empire

Countries in the Commonwealth

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