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LT Bloopers
Customized Series Title Card (Made by Jeff)]]

Created By



April 20, 2011 - April 7, 2014 (as davemadson)
January 11, 2017 - January 18, 2017 (Lost episodes)
January 22, 2017 - present (as davemadson davemadson)

TTS Voices used/voiced by

Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Mary, Microsoft Anna, LH Michael, LH Michelle, TruVoice, and RoboSoft voices


111 (Episode Guide)



LT Bloopers (formerly Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers until Episode 100) is a series that was created by davemadson. It starred Microsoft Sam, Mike, Mary, Microsoft Anna, the TruVoice voices, and the L&H voices.

Known to have off-color humor at times (most notably with the tantrums), this series featured antics that involved changing the letters on the shield, messing up the words when the shield wasn't replaced, or the wrong letters appearing and usually replacing the logo.

For episodes 1-18, the characters were apparently simply voices. However, starting with Episode 19 (Shield Riders), the characters got their concept art for the first time. davemadson himself debuted in a later episode and stayed with the main cast.

They have only got the Looney Tunes intro right 4 times, in Episode 28, Episode 56, Episode 84, and Episode 100.

After davemadson left YouTube on April 7, 2014, he had created 8 LTIB episodes (LTIB 93 to 100), and has released them as LTIB: Lost Episodes under his new channel "davemadson davemadson". Afterward, future LTIB episodes are now referred to as "LT Bloopers".

As of December 20, 2014, all episodes of LTIB have been reuploaded by a user named "File Preserver." You can see their playlist with all the episodes here.


For more information, please refer to Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers/Cast.

  • Microsoft Sam
  • Microsoft Mike
  • Microsoft Mary
  • Microsoft Anna
  • L&H Michael
  • L&H Michelle
  • TruVoice American Male 1 as Guy the Shield Guy (old voice) and Scotty
  • TruVoice American Male 2 as Jimmy
  • TruVoice American Male 3 as Hank
  • TruVoice American Male 4 as the FBI Man (25), WB Shield (22) and the Viacom V of Doom (LTIB 40), Guy (LTIB 41 to 64), Red NYET (69) and Officer Flanigan (31, 39, 75-)
  • TruVoice American Male 5 as Guy/Guy the White (since LTIB 64), the Screen Gems "S From Hell" (LTIB 40), The Reverend Blue Jeans and Harvey Zilth (One part in LTIB 83).
  • TruVoice American Male 6 as the Mask Of Guo Xiang (LTIB 40), Mr. Warner, and Wally
  • TruVoice American Male 7 as the CIA Man, the Blue Mountain, Harvey Zilth, the Mayor of the ROFL City, and the Klasky-Csupo Super Scary Face (LTIB 40), and Officer Flanigan (49, 50, 59, 63, 67, 69, 72)
  • TruVoice American Male 8 as the 1997 Bravo UK Logo (LTIB 40) and Sidney.
  • TruVoice American Female 1 as Beulah
  • TruVoice American Female 2 as Abby
  • RoboSoft 2 as the scary logos (BP Shield, the Viacom V of Doom, The Mask of Guo Xiang, Klasky-Csupo Robot, 1997 Bravo UK Logo, the Klasky-Csupo Super Scary Face), The Devil and the Angry P-Head.
  • RoboSoft 1 as the sound of Sam barfing, the BSOD (30) and the Red NYET (82, 84)
  • RoboSoft 3 as himself, and the sound of Mike barfing.
  • RoboSoft 4 as the Angel, the officer, the WB Shield, the Executioner, and Rhonda Raven
  • RoboSoft 5 as ths sound of Mary barfing (alternative), the She-Devil, the "Nurse" (Actually the She-Devil.) , the Mysterious Woman (91) (Actually the She-Devil.) and the Two-Headed P-Head.
  • RoboSoft 6 as the sound of Mary barfing
  • Mike in Space as the voice of God
  • The SEGA Chorus
  • davemadson (one with the St. Louis Cardinals hat) as himself
  • Daffy Duck
  • Mel Brandt

Most common running Gags

  • Sam firing Scotty (or the Shield Guy from episodes 2 until 29) in nearly every episode.
  • People throwing tantrums when they get upset or when things don't go their own way.
  • Someone saying "Sheesh" and someone else replying "Shush the Sheesh".
  • People stealing Sam's laugh line "Hahahahahahahahahah soi soi soi soi rofl rofl rofl rofl"
  • Sam yelling "Scottyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" (said as SHIELD GUY! In episodes 1 to 29), and Scotty (known as the Shield guy in episodes 1 to 29), replying with "You bellowed, Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam?" when Scotty messes up.
    • Sometimes, Scotty mocks Sam. "Scottyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!" then "Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!"
  • The Devil and She-Devil invading the studio and usually relieving themselves on the staff.
  • The WB Shield exploding in the intro.
  • Washing someone's mouth out (usually Listerine, previously soap) when they cuss.
  • Kicking someone in the crotch.
  • At the end going to Chez Monyou, a restaurant.

Ending themes

  • "Dave's Motion" (2011-2012)
  • "Dave's Boogie" (2012-2014)
  • "Dirge" (Used on tragic episodes)
  • "A Christmas Fantasy" (Used on holiday episodes)
  • "Space Express" (2014-2017)
  • "Flight Into Fantasy" (2017-present)
  • "More Trouble in Paradise" (2017-present)
  • "Leapfrogging the Flood" (2017-present)

Spin offs

There are many spin-offs of Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers. All of them are different from the original (e.g., using a different logo, using a different art style, etc.), but feature the same cast with either the same or different personalities and sometimes uses the same mechanics and antics as the original.

Here are some noticeable spin-offs:

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