Lucifer and Lucretia McEvil
Devil and She Devil
Lucifer and Lucretia, as they appeared from LTIB 21-Present

Other names

Mr. and Mrs. Mephistopheles (Earlier LTIB episodes)
Lucian and Sierra (PTT/Parodies)
Devil and She-Devil (LTIB 21-100)

First appearances

Lucifer: Funny Signs 4
Lucretia: Funny Signs 22

Voiced by

Lucifer: RoboSoft 2
Lucretia: RoboSoft 6 (FS 22-28) and RoboSoft 5


The Viacom V of Doom, the Screem Gems S from Hell, the 1991 VID-TV logo, the Klasky-Csupo Robot, the 1997 Bravo UK Logo, the red NYET, the Blue Screen of Death, the Angry P-Head, and others


God and his angels, shitting on themselves, being banned

Lucifer and Lucretia McEvil, formerly called the Devil and the She-Devil, are the main antagonists of most logo blooper series, including LT Bloopers, as well as some non-logo bloopers series such as Funny Signs.


Lucifer has a Zorro mustache, and holds a pitchfork in his hand. He has no hair, but a black goatee. Lucretia has brown hair, and a boomerang-shaped grin. Her hips are wider than Mary's. Later episodes have Lucretia and/or Vulcanna Ash taking a liking to Dave.

Lucretia and Lucifer can both use eye-laser powers, like Anna.

Characters that were soiled by Lucifer and Lucretia

Lucifer and Lucretia have a tendency of soiling Dave and his friends; later episodes show this as a method of branding them as theirs so they can claim their souls (the Chairman of Hades has taken a keen interest in Dave and co.'s souls for as-of-yet unexplained reasons, though the constant strife and physical harm that goes on the the studio on a daily basis may be enough for him to consider them sinners, something that God himself always overrides). Below are the people they have soiled:

The only times they shit all over themselves was in LTIB 73, 77, 80, 83, 88, 92, 94, 100, Funny Signs 73, Funny Signs 93, LT Bloopers 119, and Funny Signs 95.

Characters that were harmed by Lucifer and Lucretia

Due to the fact that Lucifer and Lucretia had the same powers of Anna, they knocked out the characters below:

In LTIB 70, Guy was ultimately killed by the overwhelming powers of Lucifer and Lucretia, making this the first time they had killed someone.


Due to constant appearing, Dave slapped 4 bans, they are as follows:

Bans of Lucifer and Lucretia McEvil
FS 55 LTIB 56 Official Lucifer and Lucretia with a shyster lawyer The lawyer challenged the ban in court, got it reinstated.
FS 59 S from Hell Bloopers 8 "Permanent" Dave Under a threat with a zombie
S from Hell Bloopers 8 FS 65 Restrict appearance Shyster Lawyer The "shyster lawyer" works for them again. Unconfirmed the same one who reinstated the 1st ban.
FS 75 LTIB 83 Permission Ban Themselves As they led the Roflica army to LOL-LOL Land, they rescinded the ban.

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