Not to confuse with the show, M.A.S.H.
Mash screenshot

Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper running under Windows XP.

Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper (MASH for short) is a scripting program for Microsoft Agent, created by BellCraft Technologies. The program has became freeware since 2008.


  • The startup text in the Main window reverts to “Welcome to the Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper!” when starting.
  • The website has a typo when the user moves the mouse to the MASH logo on the toolbar: Please visit BELLECRAFT.COM to see our growing collection of award-winning Freeware and Shareware applications.
  • When working on scripts that use double-byte encodings, the column in the status bar displays a negative value in East Asian language versions of Windows (e.g. Korean Windows XP).
  • The script is stopped if the user presses “Ctrl+S” to save the file.
  • The copyright dates in the about dialog are outdated.
  • Users running Windows 2000 can't undo changes.
  • You cannot close the Main and Script windows with the close button.
  • The font size for the left side menu layout is not saved.
  • When closing and opening the Sing window, the text reverts to the original state.
  • The text box clears if the Advanced Speak window is closed.
  • Users running Windows XP can't hear acoustic signals if the file was modified when exiting the program or loading a different script.
  • Playing the first line of any script by pressing “F8” causes the program to report an “Invalid procedure call or argument”.

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