MI6 (or the Secret Intelligence Service, SIS, or simply the Secret Service) is a government organisation led by the leader of Great Britain, AT88TV, which deals with foreign intelligence. It is a close ally with the United States of America's Central Intelligence Agency.

Notable members

  • AT88TV (2007-present, leader of MI6 and Supreme Leader of Great Britain) 
  • Adam Demeter (2008-2015, secret agent, served in the CIA, former commandant of the FBI security, interogated by New York police in 2006. current status is unknown, possibly mutated with portions of Rion's DNA, and is the only agent to use psychic powers) 
  • EF88 (2012-present, top ranking agent, having served in the Rofl Intelligence Agency, and good friend of AT88, guardian of the late James Rofl's daughter, Annie)
  • Shadow (2012-present, found by scientists aboard GL's Space Colony, the ARK, and was revived to work for MI6, and became a loyal agent, barely leaving AT88's side)
  • Sonic (2012-present, known as The Fastest Thing Alive, he is a freelancer, working for various Allied agencies, including MI6) 
  • Sonic2007 (2009-present, accidentally mutated himself with some of Sonic's DNA, causing him to be the fastest human alive, he is a drag racer, working for all of the agencies, including MI6) 

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