MSSAM TV is a Text-to-Speech Sketch comedy series created by AceOfSpadesProduc100. It is inspired by Thunderbirds101's Blue Screen Of Death. The original episode featured popular voices and characters such as Microsoft Sam, Mike, The NSA, Microsoft Anna, Microsoft Zira, Microsoft David, Missingno, maS tfosorciM (Reverse and evil clone of Microsoft Sam), and yraM tfosorciM (Reverse and evil clone of Microsoft Mary). The first (and only) episode had collaborated with canadianTorchic.


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Episode 1: January 28, 2014 Episode 1 (remake): April 19, 2016




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After the release of Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Engrish THE FIRST (AceOfSpadesProduc100's series), Ace decided to create his own sketch-comedy after Blue Screen Of Death, while he still waits for a few error requests for the making of his own Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors. After he closed his first account, he decided to make an entirely different, and new reboot of the series. That episode for it was made in April 2016. Just like how the original episode preceded Ace's Funny Windows Errors series, the remake preceded the continuation of that series (Season 3 Episode 5).


The original episode reveals origins of different characters, parodies certain events, presents different products and chains using the "[Doctor] Microsoft Billy Mays" gag and satrizes numerous topics in growing numbers in later episodes: Random Nonsense Generator Mark III; Fully Factual Facts (FFF); and past test projects. In the remake, Fully Factual Facts was changed to Completely Bogus and Fully Mythical Myths for honesty reasons. It also introduced a news bulletin as well as the weather forecast. The beginning was the only part that was a 3D-animated scene.

List Of Episodes

1. "Missingno's Origins" - uploaded on January 28, 2014

2. "Because the Other 'Episode 1' was a phony" - uploaded on July 23, 2016

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