MSW M2013 Incineration Cannon

The MSW M2013 Incineration Cannon, Is a weapon created and produced by The Republic Of Minecraft. This weapon is one of the deadliest in the Minecraftian, GDI and BSAA Arsenals. This weapon, when fired, releases a round that looks like a fireball, but when it impacts the area, the fireball explodes into 3-4 smaller rounds, inflicting large amounts of damage to any enemy unit in the area. This weapon, like its other M2013's auto assembles itself when drawn and requires no ammunition and simply relies on a long lasting battery to keep it going, However, this weapon requires a cooldown per firing of its maximum 4 rounds each. This weapon is about 8 inches tall and weighs about 60 pounds. This weapon is typically used for taking out enemy armor.

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