Microsoft Sam reads funny errors (Warc9 Edition)

Current Season


Original Airdate

December 01, 2008- Present


Any day of a week


Thunderbirds101, WSAM0TV, Etc



Country of Origin




Errors created/requested by

warc9, various YouTube users

Current Status



Microsoft Sam, Radar Overeer Teacher, Microsoft Mary, Microsoft Mike, etc

Microsoft Sam reads funny errors (warc9 edition) is a series created by warc9. It is currently in its fourth season.
Error Message

The first error of the show.

Programs Used

Speakonia, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Photoshop (7.0) and Microsoft Paint.

Viruses used on show (From SE0 to SE2)

  • The Rainbow Virus
  • The WTF Virus
  • The Skull Virus

School Gap Filling

When Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (S9 Finale) was put on YouTube, at the end, Thunderbirds101 announced that there would be two Funny Windows Errors episodes per month due to school interfering with his time. When Microsoft Sam reads funny errors S3EP6 was put on YouTube, one error told viewers that there would be more episodes up on YouTube which will be made by warc9.

Error Requesters so far

  • Emergencyranger88

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