Mac Voice Alex is a Mac voice that isn't glitchy (he can only mispronounce a few words). He is only featured in Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors S3EP6 where he gets shot by Radar Overseer Scotty's Laser Pistol because he wanted to test out his Really Sucky Virus: Universal Edition. Mac Voice Alex is rarely used in TTS shows, due to the fact almost no TTS video makers use Mac computers. Sticky Keys XP has a refurbished white MacBook, however.

Rate Control

Mac Voice Alex's speech rate can be controlled by typing [[rate #]] before the line you want him to speak. Replace # with how fast you want him to speak.


In 2014, Blindgamer95 came up with a new sound for Mac Voice Alex. It is the iSiren. To make Mac Voice Alex sound like a siren, follow his YouTube video that demonstrates how to make a siren sound.

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