Mammoth Blue-1 standing idle outside a GDI base in Soiberia.

The Mammoth Walker MkII, otherwise simply known as the Mammoth, is an enormous walking vehicle developed by the Russian scientists of the Global Defense Initiative. The project was almost scrapped when the USSR fell, but the surviving scientists joined GREY and kept up their work as teams constructed the giant war machine. The Mammoth was finally completed on July 22, 2013, and a second on August 10, 2013. Many were created and used throughout the Tiberium Era.


Mammoth Orange-2 fires all of it's weapons towards CLPA hostiles in Lolgaria, August 14 2013.

It is the strongest ground unit on Earth 2, with incredibly heavy armour plating as well as energy shields, and it's enormous size let's it step on infantry and small vehicles like they're bugs. It also boasts an impressive array of weapons, such as chainguns that can practically vapourize infantry in a shot and tear through vehicles, railguns to destroy vehicles the chaingun is too weak to rip through as well as enemy structures, and then missile pods that can easily destroy incoming aircraft with relative ease and provide extra destruction to ground support.

This combination of strength, firepower and defensive capability have made it the pinnacle of ground units on Earth 2.

Though even with this much firepower, the Mammoth can be overwhelmed by significant hostile presence, destroyed quickly if not assisted.

As of March 20 2014, all 'Tier-3' and above vehicles have been given the ability to overdrive, giving them almost double the speed and firepower, but at the risk of structural integrity. Prolonged overdriving causes hull collapse which destroys the Mammoth.

Mammoth's stayed in the Russian arsenal following GDI's collapse, incorporated into the Russian Black Guard to defend Leningrad and Moscow.

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