Marcus Burns is a character who appeared in Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers 38: Thats News to Me

Marcus Burns
Sgt. Marcus "Michael" Burns

Full name:

Marcus Oliver Alexander Burns


November 30, 1998 (age 22)

Voiced by:

BDFRS TV Studios


22nd SAS Regiment, United Kingdom Quarantine Unit




London, UK


James Rodger (brother), Chloe Burns (sister)


London, United Kingdom


82nd Quarantine Reconnisance Force

Early Life

Burns is a sergeant of the 22nd SAS Regiment. He is seen wearing a Silver helmet, Silver Balaclava, Black Shirt, Light Silver Tactical Vest with 2 mag pouches open, 1 mag pouch closed, item pouches. Black Pants and is carrying 2 magazines of the Colt M4A1. He is seen carrying a Colt M1911 Pistol with Light Silver Slide and Dark Silver Pistol Grip. He is taking over the position as a new visitor of davemadson films inc.

Joint Operation with the Tantrum Control Task Force

The British S.A.S is on joint operation with the created organization, The Tantrum Control Task Force. The Tantrum Control Task Force is a vicious task force who can combat the Tantrum Pandemic. Marcus Burns is still on the 22nd SAS Regiment and is not to join The Tantrum Control Task Force.


Marcus Burns is trying to help Microsoft Anna combat the Bravo UK Logo but Derek Westbrook told him to stay back and fires a grenade launcher on the Bravo UK Logo, Causing a vicious explosion.


Marcus Burns threw a tantrum by firing bullets at the whole studio. Causing explosion onto him.

Invading the ROFL-Island Chain

Despite if ROFL-Island Chain was invaded by the Communist Linux Penguin Army. Marcus Burns and the Bravo Six Operatives, Price, Wallcroft, Gaz, John MacTavish, Gary Sanderson, and Griffen are dispatched to stop the Communist Linux Penguin Army scouts and infantry for attacking the ROFL-Island Chain.

Enlistation to the United Kingdom Quarantine Unit

After which the zombie apocalypse began in London, Marcus Burns enlisted to the United Kingdom Quarantine Unit. Most likely to the post apocalyptic roleplaying game, Retribution. But not exactly what Burns do. Which to be exact, Burns can survive near the quarantined area in London. All though exactly how to stop the zombies and isolate the virus Burns encountered for the first time.

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