Marianna is a character in IceCreamFanatic2001 ( now known as Jessica Lane )'s videos. She appears in Rank Video Logo Bloopers and Balakrishna 

Marianna ( Later )

Marianna's current appearance, used since Balakrishna Movies Intro Bloopers and Rank Video Logo Bloopers 9.

Movies Intro Bloopers. She might apear in more of IceCreamFanatic2001's Logo/Intro/ID Bloopers she planned in the future. She looks like Abby but that Abby uses her 49-65 appearance entirely since IceCreamFanatic2001 made her. 


Marianna is usually calm but loses her temper occasionally and gets shocked whenever Microsoft Sam ejects a number of people ( usually a huge number ), she exclaims in shock "Microsoft Sam! I am shocked at you! You ejected

( a huge amount ) of people already?!" and if someone evil appears, she responds aside Tilly "Save us, Jesus!", "Grab one of of the nearest cross!", "God have mercy on us!" and more. 


She wears a white shirt and has tan skin. She also has blonde hair.



Marianna has a rivalry with Beulah and constantly fight whenever they see each other. In BMIB 2, during an epic fight, they both end up swearing at each other which caused both her and Beulah's mouths to be washed out for dropping the H-bomb and F-bomb at each other by Jessica Lane. 


Tilly is Marianna's best friend. They get along very well and don't fight with each other. In BMIB 2, she said "Way to go, Jessica Lane!" after Jessica Lane washed Marianna and Beulah's mouths out for saying "Go fuck yourself, Ms. Fatso Know It All Harlot!" ( Marianna ) and "Fuck you, Marianna, you fucking harlot wanker!" ( Beulah ). When Abby sneezed because of the NBC Peacock appearing, she told Marianna "I can only carry the germ, Marianna."


She and Scotty have a neutral relationship.

Jessica Lane

She and Jessica Lane get along.



  • She is very similar to Abby because Abby used 3 looks similar to Marianna. However, Abby's 49-65 appearance is used extremely often similar to how Marianna's current look is. 

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