Microsoft Albert is a hunter of Tux Clones. His aliases include Tuxinator, a crossover between Tux and Terminator.

Microsoft Albert
Microsoft albert


RorytheRetrokid, Akriloth2160Reloaded, Dray86Reloaded


Edmonton, Canada

Geneva, Switzerland

Buffalo, New York

Date Of Birth

13th March 1983


Adult Male #6 American English



Place of birth

Upminster, Essex


He is a very kind and generous person, he hates Tux Clones as one particular clone, numbered #34512, slaughtered his father. His favourite dish is chicken and cashew with rice, while his favorite drink is tea. he has 1 brother and 2 sisters, his brother, named Herbert, was born in 1985 and now lives in San Francisco and works as a police officer, his 2 sisters, named Janet and Ilyssa, are twins who were born in 1987 and live in Philadelphia, one of them works as an Advisor for the Mayor of Philadelphia.

Albert born in Upminster but was raised until 1992 in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, then he moved Philadelphia and lived until 2001, when he moved to Houston, then moved to Edmonton in 2007. He lost contact of freinds until 2005 when he met his best friend, Jennifer, in London.

These days, he splits his time between Buffalo, New York, Geneva, Switzerland and Edmonton Canada.

His job is to kill any Tux Clone he comes across, he is friends with RorytheRetrokid who is Albert's boss and pays Albert $40,000 USD a month.


His biggest hobby is playing video games, he also likes to collect guns and he likes to play golf.

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