Character description

Microsoft Bob is tigerclaw64's half giant character. He is usually a mellow and friendly character unless he's provoked. Bob has two younger brothers, a cheerful handicapped 15 year old who can barely say anything but his own name, Toby and a rather shy 13 year old Luca.

Sam, Mary, Bob fighting zombies

Bob is the one in the dark blue shirt.

When tigerclaw64 first made Bob, her friend gave her the idea of making an extremely tall character with "handsome" hair named Bob. Tigerclaw64 was originally giving him a Scottish or British accent (kinda like Hagrid in Harry Potter) but decided not to.

Bob currently has no TTS voice in any of her videos, but is pictured with a voice resembling Tobuscus's (Toby Turner) voice.

Sad Bob

Sad Bob

Microsoft Bob and Mike

Old drawing of him with Mike

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