Microsoft Bruno is a middle-aged human/android and member of the Speakonia Civilians and The Super Roflcopter Squad. He looks extremely young for his age. (he is 60 years old, but looks like he is 28) He is known to survive many fatal causes of death, due to being both an android and the rebellious son of Satan. He is voiced by Speakonia Male 8 at the lowest pitch setting. He is also a huge fan of Raptor G. Zus.


In accordance with The Last Adversary, Satan created Bruno in 1959, rather than birthed him like any other human would, (possible laziness) and would have been an undergrunt gunner for Satan's newly made Army of Hell's Servants, but the idea was scrapped by Devil's Hell Star, stating the fact that they don't have enough metal supplements on Hell to make the droids necessary. Only three of these androids were made, Including Bruno

Aging Glitch

Satan's recycled android army was meant to age as well as fight. But due to Bruno being captured by a Profanityland Cult and lynched Bruno, the wires around his neck could not kill him, but the physical aging process was slowed by 63%, while the internal aging process continues. Thus explaining why he looks to be in his twenties when in reality he was in his sixties. In this lynched state, Bruno was found by Microsoft Bennie and Microsoft Andre of the Speakonia Civilians.

Personal Life

Bruno was welcomed into the Speakonia Civilians with open arms. He is the most emotionless member of the clan, and is known to smoke cigars and talk about Raptor G. Zus. He entered a romantic relationship with Microsoft Darla on May 5th 2012. They are now engaged. Ever since this, Bruno has stood guard and devoted his life to saving the Civilians. Supporting them.

He has two brothers that are his clones. They were made before Satan created Bruno, and are called K3 and War Dog. There whereabouts are unknown to both the Dark lords and Bruno himself.


  • The fact that Bruno is an android is lossely derived from MGT's recent interest in Data of the Star Trek Universe. His two clones representing Data's siblings B4 and Lore respectively.
  • Bruno was first seen in a deleted video by MGT where the Speakonia Civilians read demotivational pictures and signs for times sake. He was paired with Microsoft Jeff for a majority of the nine-minute video. Where he would often get annoyed and provoked by Jeff.

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