Microsoft pierre

Microsoft Pierre with a beret and a baguette.

Microsoft Pierre (Voiced by Adult Male 1 French) is a French TTS Voice in Coopersmadog 's "Microsoft Sam reads Computer Errors. Despite being bilingual (he knows French and English), he mostly speaks French due to his accent making his English speaking even harder to understand.


Microsoft Pierre was born in Dinan, UFP to two French immigrants. Pierre lived most of his early life in Dinan,  and attended college in Port Ginnevieve.

He is currently the financial manager for the UFP's Department of Transportation and Roads (DOTR).


Microsoft Sam Reads Computer Errors 2-2 Episode 12 (Debut)

Errors 2-7 Episode 17 (Mentioned at the end)

Errors 2-8 Episode 18

What Is This I Don't Even Episode 3

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