Tigerclaw64's Microsoft Sam's Adventures is a series made by Tigerclaw64.


Microsoft Sam

Microsoft Mike

Microsoft Mary

Adult Male #1 as Radar Overseer Scotty

Adult Male #2 as Banana

Adult Male #3 as Bacon


Episode 1: Microsoft Sam films a tornado siren (10/1/2013)

Episode 2: Microsoft Sam TRIES to Learn Karate (14/1/2013)

Episode 3: Microsoft Sam TRIES to learn rollerskate (19/1/2013)

Episode 4: Microsoft Sam has a seizure (24/1/2013)

Episode 5: CLONES (10/2/2013)

Episode 6: Doctor Who spoof (13/3/2013)

Episode 7: Thinkin' about the past (28/3/2013)

Episode 8: Scotty annoys Sam (15/6/2013)

Episode 9: A day at Chez Monyou (31/7/2013)

Episode 10: (1/2/2014)

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