Microsoft Sam's ROFL Robot is a robot powered by Roflcopter Fuel that works as a butler and friendly information robot for Microsoft Sam. He is equipped with Windows XP: Awesome Face Edition. According to Microsoft Sam reads Ridiculous Windows Errors, Microsoft Sam actually has multiple ROFL Robots.

It is also revealed in the might-be-coming kittykat29 universe that he has beed programmed to detect enemies almost as fast as Mr. Information Robot, yet because this is new his radar often fails. However, just before the credits on Microsoft Sam Reads Awesome Errors, he successfully detects Mac Alex flying in by way of his iRoflCopter. Mike also comments that his voice is just him synthesized.

Later, in episode 5, he returns to detect Linux Anna rising from the Underworld, where evil TTS voices go instead of the Afterlife. This leads to "Microsoft Sam's New Error Adventures", also by kittykat29 yet based on "Microsoft Sam's Error Adventure" by Wonka0111. In this storyboard, the ROFL Robot is momentarily destroyed, but Clippy the Paperclip fixes him.

Alternate continuities

  • In AceOfSpadesProduc100's universe, the ROFL Robot will play as the announcer/narrator in Sam's family-made series.


  • Often told to go clean Sam's Diarrhea Infested Toilet in nkrs200's videos