Microsoft Sam, Mike, and Mary in Animator vs. Animation is a text-to-speech-based crossover series made by gameyguy123. There are three videos, each for one episode. They consist of the Microsoft Voices doing comedic voiceovers for the various Animator vs. Animation chaacters. Each video has recived 4000+ views so far, with the most being 12,000+ views (April 2012). As celebration of the original video's release, A currently inactive youtuber under the name of D.T.H. released a fourth installment in the series in April 2015, crediting Gameguy123 for the original three installments. Following this, Thunderbirds501 released a sequel to that. Continuing the series. There currently exists no parody of Animation vs. Youtube at this time.

gameyguy123 has stated that he does not own the animations, as Alan Becker created them.