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Microsoft Sam: Invasion (previously known as Microsoft Sam and the Tiberium War), is a series created by EASlol and Pieboy6000 and is the sequel to Microsoft Sam and The Psychic Dominator Disaster by EASlol and is the second installment of The Tiberium Trilogy. The story takes place just after the end of the Psychic Dominator Disaster, starting about a week after. It follows a war between the Global Defense Initiativethe Brotherhood of Nod, and the Scrin, in a conflict that mainly takes place in eastern Lolrope in the Lolropean Yellow/Red Zone. The series begins on October 27, 2013, picking up where the Psychic Dominator Disaster ended, ending on November 9, just after a week and six days after it kicked off. The series ended on December 11, 2013, with the uploading of the final episode.

The series is planned to be reuploaded under a new name with several edits from Pieboy for several private reasons.



  • EASlol (Himself)
  • Pieboy6000 (Himself)
  • Microsoft Sam (Himself)
  • Microsoft Mike (Himself)
  • AT88TV (Himself)
  • Foreman-371 (None)
  • Mothership (Scrin AI) (Itself)


  • Kane (Himself/American Male #3)
  • Overlord (Himself)
  • Scrin
  • Nod
  • Scrin Supervisor (Himself)
  • Foreman-371 (None)
  • Mothership (Scrin AI) (Itself)
  • Elite Nod Commander (Pieboy)


  • Protagonists
    • Anichik (Herself)
    • Microsoft Mary (Herself)


Episode 1 - Don't wanna miss a thing

Episode 2 - Nod Strikes

Episode 3 - The Relay Node

Episode 4 - Departure Time

Episode 5 - Threshold-19


Tagline #1: "The Answer... Is Tiberium" 

Tagline #2: "The Conflict is far from over..."

Tagline #3: "Nod aren't the only people after this stuff..."


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