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Microsoft Sam: Precursor is the first series of the Forerunner Trilogy made by EASlol and Pieboy6000. Its five episodes will focus on the first attack by the Didact on Earth 2.

The series went on hold until April 21st due to Pieboy6000 battling anxiety, slowly sliding back into working. The first episode is complete, but the rest of the series is partially scripted and is yet to be written into video form.


A few months after Earth 2's victory over Yuri, Minecraft intercepts a strange signal emanating from Ganymede, the largest moon orbiting Jupiter. A Joint Allied Space force deploys to Ganymede in response, where they discover a large ship of unknown alien origin. As the forces dig deeper into the ship, EASlol accidentally activates a prison system and awakens a dark and diabolical being that will destroy the galaxy if it cannot be stopped.


The series will run for five episodes as decided by Pieboy6000, taking place over several locations and providing a slight CLPA backstory in addition to the main one.

Episode 1: Complete! Watch it here!

Episode 2: Plotted, scripting in progress.

Episode 3: Plotted, scripting required.

Episode 4: Plotted, scripting required.

Episode 5: Plotted, scripting required.



  • Pieboy6000 (Himself)
  • EASlol (Himself)
  • Microsoft Sam (Himself)
  • Microsoft Mike (Himself)
  • Ani (Herself)
  • AT88TV (Himself)
  • Dmitri Maykl Volishinov (Adult Male #8)
  • Nikolai Paranavsky (Adult Male #7)


  • Bandle City Defence Force
    • Yordle Defense Commander
  • Rumble (Unvoiced, appears in text messages only)
  • Ziggs (Unvoiced, appears in text messages only)


  • Communist Linux Penguin Army
    • Councilor Rysel
    • Councilor Denwae
    • Councilor Jolsa
  • The Forerunners
    • The Didact (Voiced in Cutscenes/Adult Male #5, Low Pitch)


  • Ganymede, Jovian Moon
  • Moscow, USSR
  • High Charity, Orbiting Jupiter
  • Bandle City, Yordle Land
  • Valoran Promethean HQ


Production Art

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