The Microsoft Sam: Spear of Destiny trilogy is a war series by TheArcadeProductions. It consists of 3 new chapters, titled "Aftermath", "Turn of Tides", and "Strive for Victory". Aftermath directly follows the events from Road to Glory. 

Currently the story for Aftermath is in the works and part 1 is planned to be out in February 2018 at the latest. The production crew currently consists of only Mario Ardais of TheArcadeProductions.

The series will be directed, produced, and edited by Mario Ardais. Anthony Wray might be joining the production crew as well. As of right now, major parts of the script for Aftermath has been completed. The series is set to be finished sometime in 2019 at the current moment.

The series follows the events shortly after the Nazi invasion of the USSR and nuclear war that took place at the end of Road to Glory. The story also follows the Road to Glory storyline set in the Second Great War between the United States of America, Great Britain, France, and other allied nations against the Nazi Empire and its allies, mainly the Roman Empire and Vietnam.