Microsoft Sam and The Time War is a war that takes place three months after The War of The Minecraft Republic.

In this seven video sequel, Microsoft Sam and friends use the ROFL-X Time machine to transport to the desolate future of Earth 2, known as The End of Time in an attempt to prevent this future of Earth 2 from ever happening, they have to recover a sacred artifact from the ruins of London that will destroy the Supreme AI once and for all. But the Communist Linux Penguin Army also has access to a time machine and they travel to the desolate future of Earth 2 to stop Microsoft Sam and friends before they can find the artifact.

The series is cancelled and considered non-canon.


Episode 1: January 21, 2012
Episode 2: February 24,2012
Episode 3: March 15, 2012
Episode 4: March 18, 2012
Episode 5: March 23, 2012
Episode 6: March 30, 2012

Characters (Post Here If You Wanna Be In, Include Your Name, Speakonia Voice)

  • EASlol (Speakonia Voice, Male #3 Higher Pitched)
  • Microsoft Sam (Himself)
  • Microsoft Mike (Himself)
  • Microsoft Mary (Herself)
  • Radar Overseer Scotty (Speakonia Voice, Male #1 High Pitched)
  • AT88TV (Adult Male #1- British)
  • Pieboy6000 (Adult Male #3, lower pitched)
  • Emergencyranger88 (Microsoft Sam, Lower Pitch [Note, use TTS Reader for a pissed off ER88, Which is Lower than the lower pitch in speakonia])
  • natesworld2K (Adult Male #2, American English)
  • ThePermian99 (Adult Male #1 American Lower Pitch)
  • Kitten Troopers (Varies, voices are Male)
  • Admiral Kittz (Adult Male #3, American English)
  • Admiral Johnson (Adult Male #5, American English)
  • Therobloxmegaguy (Adult Male #6 American English)
  • SMGReturns (Adult Male #7 American English, Lower Pitch)
  • Thunderbirds360TV (Adult Male #2 American English, Lower Pitch)


  • The Supreme AI (Robosoft 6)
  • Communist Linux Penguin Army
  • The Evil Mainframe (Robosoft #1 or 2)
  • Satan (Speakonia Voice, Male #8, Low Pitched)
  • Devils Hell Star (Speakonia Voice, Male #7, Low Pitched)
  • Jokermingo0044 (Speakonia Voice, Male #3)
  • Natural Microsoft Sam (Microsoft Sam, Slowed Down Voice)
  • Cybriann (Robosoft #2)
  • Majordomo General Staghelm (Voiced From Other Area)

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