Microsoft Sam Has An Ultimate Spaz Against Linux Anna (And Tries To Make A Hate Video On YouTube) is a video by Wonka0111, taking place during the events of Microsoft Mike's Space Adventure 4 and 5. As the name implies, Sam gets angry at Linux Anna and eventually gets the idea to make a stereotypical Speakonia hate video against her. The video also features a brief appearance by Radar Overseer Scotty.


Sam and Scotty are aboard the TB101 Space Station (following the destruction of Earth by the Diarrhea Death Star) and Sam decides to go to sleep, as it is very late. Here it is revealed that Sam snores in the following manner: "ZZZZZ soi soi soi ZZZZZ soi soi soi..." etc. However, Linux Anna, in her secret base on Mars 2, is making a loud speech about how great she is, which is so loud that it defies physics and is heard by Microsoft Sam, waking him up. Angered, and surprised that Linux Anna survived Earth's destruction, Sam launches into a spaz against her. He is then interrupted by Radar Overseer Scotty, who gives him the idea to tell Scotty that Linux Anna is really a baloney sandwich in disguise. Scotty immediately takes a TIE Diarrhea Fighter from the hangar bay to Mars 2 to find Linux Anna, which eventually leads to a plot point in later episodes of Microsoft Mike's Space Adventure. Alone again, Sam continues to rage against Linux Anna, and gets the idea to create a stereotypical Speakonia hate video after seeing all the videos on YouTube of him raging against random people and things. In the video, "Linux Anna" talks about how much she sucks before getting utterly destroyed by Darth Vader, many other Star Wars characters, the cast of James Cameron's Avatar (who all teamed up just to eliminate Linux Anna), Chuck Norris, Mr. T, the Skrall army from Bionicle, a giant potato, and Mr. Information Robot: Godzilla Edition.


  • This is the first time Sam has appeared on a Wonka0111 video since the conclusion of Microsoft Sam's Error Adventure.
  • Linux Anna's rant at the beginning of Sam's video bears a resemblance to Satanmingo0066's similar rant in Wonka0111's hate video against him.
  • Scotty thinking Linux Anna is a baloney sandwich was later revealed to have worked in Microsoft Mike's Space Adventure 7, when he actually does eat her.

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