Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Errors REBIRTH is a revival of Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Errors, but with a twist. There is no story line, only random antagonists, and other randomness. This is also the first series made by Emergencyranger88 where ALL of the seasons will have error requests in them.

Confirmed Characters

Sam (Natural & Speakonian)

Mike (Natural & Speakonian)

Mary (Natural & Speakonian)

AT&T Mike

AT&T Rich

ER88 Director (Credit goes to Firebirds101 for the idea)

Season One

Episode one will feature a rant on the YouTube channel design by Microsoft Mike. ER88 Rants will also be a segment in Funny Errors Rebirth, but will appear in every Season Premiere.

Cancellation, And Subsequent Successor

Like the initial error series, This Rebirthed series was cancelled as well, with Shadowfrost88 citing lack of motivation. They would upload an error video, the premiere of a successor series, to the main channel a couple years later, on Labor Day, 2016. That series is called, Microsoft Sam Reads Wacky Errors

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