Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors (Canadian Day Special 2010) is a text-to-speech video created by Thunderbirds101.


The episode starts with Microsoft Sam Reading more of his errors, he is worried that the Blue Man from WSAM0TV labs have break out to steal all of the tacos. The second error shows an icon of a birthday cake saying that It is a cake of pie and they don't know, Microsoft Sam tells them to stop being a retard and the icon is so obvious what it looks like. Microsoft Sam said its a taco, but the screen that shows up and disappears very quickly saying "lolwut?". However, Giant Mouths from planet Jesoifufusy came to eat the internet and the error doesn't want Sam to ask why. When Microsoft Sam shows up the 3 Choices time, he counts down 10 seconds. He found out that Hand Grenades can make people have a spaz, but Microsoft Sam can't get a spaz from grenades, but a Grenade Made him had one. He didn't want to restart his computer after his spaz, but he thinks Windows Vista is better than life and Microsoft Mike came over telling him that Windows Vista is a pile of Boomer Diarrhea mixed up with Sheep Intestines. Microsoft Sam heard something on the ROFL City Council, saying that cheezburgers are sold at shoe stores and his OMGWTFBBQ Train was stolen. He did his first orofanity and then did the second one while running to a shoe store. He wanted a Optical Cheeseburger, Boomer Size Fries and Boomer Size Milkshake, but an Information Robot was going to do a massive self destruct sequence.



  • This is the first time Microsoft Sam thinks that Windows Vista is better than life.
  • This is the first time Burgers are sold at shoe stores.
  • Actually the icon at the second error is a piece of a birthday cake not a taco.


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