Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors (not to be confused with Thunderbirds101's series) is a comedy series created by YouTube user Cataxx (formerly kelly langmack). The series was originally supposed to end in its fourth season, but Cataxx decided to go on with the series, and start work on the fifth season. In late-December 2016, he announced that S5EP6 would be the last TTS video he would ever make. There are currently 41 episodes in total.

Season 1

Season 1 of FWE aired from July 1st to 5th, 2012. The pilot episode is called "The Error Invasion". The plot is simple. Microsoft Sam reads errors (and 1 Engrish involving a hand grenade). Sam also shoots Radar Overseer Scotty, who comes back alive as a zombie in the following episode "Zombie Scotty". The third episode, "Sam's Immunization", marks the first time that the classic profanity line "GODDAMNITSONOFABITCHPIECEOFSHITMOTHERFUCKINGASSHOLEFUCKFUCKFUCK" is said. The fourth episode, "The First Appearance of Bacon" marks, well, the first appearance of Bacon, a character from Microsoft Sam and the War in the ROFL Island Chain. "On Independence Day, The Internet Is Blocked Out" is the fifth episode and the first Independence Day special. The sixth episode (the season finale), "The Season Finale That Rocks", is the final episode of Season 1 before Season 2 starts.

  • The first 2 episodes of the season involve almost every single character talking slow.

Season 2

Season 2 of FWE aired from July 6th to 26th, 2012. This is the first season in which the characters are actually shown (starting with MS Sam in S2EP3, with one exception - S1EP6, as Sam appears on a single cover for his song Still Ridin'). The first episode is called "The Longest Error Ever". This is the first episode of the series in which MS Sam has a spaz at the end of the episode. The second episode, "Occupy Speakonia", contains a scene with tons of Speakonia voices, repeating the phrase "We are the 99%. OCCUPY SPEAKONIA. OCCUPY SPEAKONIA." The third episode, "The Virus", involves MS Sam going to The fourth episode, "The Icon Changer" involves a error with changing icons. The fifth and sixth episodes "The IWAY Cookie Replacing" is split into 2 parts. S2EP5 is part 1. S2EP6 is part 2. Both episodes involve Microsoft Sam's favorite things getting replaced with South Park stuff. The replacer is none other than Kyle Broflovski. This episode also reveals that Sam is Christian, because he likes The Passion of the Christ. S2EP6 involves Microsoft Sam getting shot in the balls by Fred Flintstone. The seventh episode, "Quagmire's Voicemail", picks up where S2EP6 left off. Handy reads the first 3 errors befor getting shot by Fred Flintstone. Sam then takes over, and gets a voicemail by Quagmire. The eighth episode, "Tegoshi and Sonic CD Hidden Message" involves Sam not trying Kappa Ebisen. He then listenes to the Kappa Ebisen commercial "Tegoshi". The Sonic CD scary hidden message is also displayed on screen. The ninth and tenth episode "The One to End Season 2" is split into 2 parts, similar to "The IWAY Cookie Replacing". S2EP9 involves Sam reading his favorite errors of Season 2. S2EP10 involves Sam meeting the Panda Cheese mascot, and he faces Tux. "The One to End Season 2" is the final episode of Season 2 before Season 3 starts.

  • This is the first season to have Microsoft Mary as a character. She only made a cameo appearance in the season 1 finale.

Season 3

Season 3 of FWE aired from August 1st, 2012 to March 15th, 2013. The first and second episodes, "New Season" is also split into 2 parts. The episode involves Microsoft Sam and Radar Overseer Scotty fighting because the part 1 was over. The second part had a character change, so all the characters look like those of davemadson's. Part 2 also marked the return of Calbee, the company that sent an error to Sam in S2EP8. The third episode, entitled "The Monkeys with Guns" introduces the Pig Monkeys with Automatic Rifles It also includes Sam converting to Judaism. The fourth episode, entitled "If It's Westinghouse!", gained popularity on YouTube, as it currently has 272 views. In it, Sam faces the B-Backwards-N-D Mask of Quo Xiang.The fifth episode, "The ROFL City What?" introduced Sam's synagogue. At the end of the video, Sonic.exe can be seen while a blood-curdiling scream plays. Cataxx said that this was because he played the game before. The sixth episode, "The Present", has Sam ranting on the new year, and that he is still alive. The seventh episode, "The Russian Error" has, well, a Russian error! The eighth episode, "Lavender Town", involves an error where Lavender Town is envolved. The ninth episode, "Pinkie Pie", involves Sam, while reading errors, seeing Pinkie Pie, saying "Want a cupcake?" Sam shoots her and says "Remember kids, never pay attention to ponies!" The tenth episode "The Return of Windows Vista", involves Vista's return from the previous episode. The eleventh episode "The 3 Choices" is the first part of the season finale. In the episode, Sam picks choice 2 and gets blown up by dynamite. The twelfth and final episode, "The Last Straw", includes the presence of the 1982 Central ident (or the Evil Central Moon, if you will). Sam says "What am I going to do?" and the episode ends.

Season 4

Season 4 aired from March 30th, 2013 to May 3rd, 2014. The first episode is "The Red Eye Virus (Part 1)". In this episode, Sam converts to Islam (but not really, he's still Jewish) and Kyle gets infected with the Red Eye Virus. It is revealed that Steve Ballmer and Sonic.exe are main antagonists in this season. The second episode, "The Red Eye Virus (Pt. 2)" involves Sam doing the Mario, the Russian Army taking over, and Premier Romanov making a short appearance. The third episode, "Extreme Dinosaurs?" includes the Russian Army taking over again, and Sam playing the Extreme Dinosaurs theme song. The fourth episode, "The Russian Army Rules", involves Sam being a Surfin' Bird, and joining the VGCP, the Video Game Cartoon Police (founded by AntiTrollers2). The fifth episode (like S1EP5) is an Independence Day special, entitled "The Second Independence Day". The episodes involves Sam doing the Mario, deploying smooth jazz and throwing a tantrum because the Internet is gone in honor of Independence Day, similar to S1EP5. The sixth episode, "Me & Random", involves an error about Cat Mario, sent by Jake Meow-Cat. The seventh episode, "The Scary Logo Tantrum", involves Sam throwing another tantrum about scary logos, but is edited out by a PLEASE STAND BY card. The eighth and final episode, "A Way to End the Series", involves Max Headroom hijacking the Kelly Langmack studios and Sam receiving the Fox Virus. Towards the end of the episode, Sam receives an error reminding Sam that he is about to fall off the Sears Tower (where he is currently reading the errors). Sam falls off, and a flashback of every episode of the series plays, from S4EP7 to S1EP1, in fast motion. An explosion is seen. Cataxx's pony OC comes over to see if Sam is okay. Sam says his final words for a while, then passes out. He realizes that Sam is possibly not invincible. The episode ends with a dedication: "In Memory of Microsoft Sam (2001-2014)". This is a reference to Windows XP's support ending back on April 8th, 2014. This was originally the final episode of the series, and also the second longest (at 8 minutes and 9 seconds).

Season 5

Season 5 began on May 2nd, 2015. The first episode, called "Sam's Recovery", follows the events of the previous episode. The doctor tells Cataxx's pony OC that Sam is fine, he just won't be able to walk for a while. He visits Sam, and brings him his Windows XP, and tells him even though it works, it's unsupported. Then a normal set of errors begins. This is also the first episode of the series to entirely be made using Camtasia Studio. The second episode, "The Return of the Error Requests" features the return of the error requests, which have not appeared since the Season 4 finale. This is also the third Independence Day Special, however, unlike the previous two specials, the internet is not blocked. The third episode, "The Moving Victoria Virus", features a virus involving a commercial. This episode is dedicated to Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata, who died of a bile duct tumor, 2 days before the episode was released. The fourth episode, "Another Virus", features another virus involving a commercial. The fifth episode, "A New Year", is the show's second New Year's special. It features another virus, this time involving a CBS/FOX anti-piracy message from Australia. Sam is also forced to watch Shmexy Pr0nz involving characters from Gravity Falls, however, the file does not boot, and Sam is RickRoll'd instead. Towards the end of the episode, a new character is teased. This is the longest episode of the series, running at 8 minutes and 49 seconds. The sixth episode is currently in the works and will be the last TTS video Cataxx will ever make.

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