Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors (S1EP3) is an Episode of Season 1 Created by Thunderbirds101


Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors S1EP3


Episode 3 in my Funny Windows Errors series. Enjoy.


October 25, 2008







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The Episode starts with Microsoft Sam Reading some errors, but Windows detects that he inserts a disc with a Vista Virus. He escapes the error in 5 Minutes, but however, Windows armed itself with Floppy discs and is about to attack sam due to the fact he refuses to downgrade to Windows Vista. When Microsoft Sam removed all the RAM, the zombie of Microsoft Mike Stands behind him with a shotgun pressed to his head, Microsoft Sam is prepaing to shoot him, but Mike said that he's not fast enough, and Mike shoots Sam.


(Intro 2: This is Thunderbirds101 TV)

(Music Plays with the message saying "TB101 TV, broadcasting from Camp Crystal Lake")

Error #1:

Virus Alert!


Microsoft Sam: I Give up.

Your computer is infected with a virus that makes it generate random gibberish.

Microsoft Sam: What a stupid error!

Error #2: Windows has taken away your computer keys. Answer the following question to get it back:

Do you like Windows Vista?

Microsoft Sam: No no no no no no no no no! Windows Vista is an evil virus! And I can't say No! This error is being a F**king b**ch!

Error #3: Severe virus-storms will be attacking your computer!

Microsoft Sam: Oh no! And I don't have Anti-virus software because Bill Gates is evil! I really need Anti-Vista software because all viruses are made on Vista! Lololololol!

Error #4: Today's Sale:

Uranium Powered Computer: $50,000,000,000,000.

Plutonium Power Video Card: $85,000,000,000,000.

Microsoft Sam: The Prices make sense, cause those things would run like gods!

Error #5: Windows has detected that you have inserted a disc containing a Windows Vista virus. It will now install.

Microsoft Sam: Screw it, Time to reboot to escape the error!

(5 Minutes Later)

Error #6: Windows has armed itself with floppy discs and is preparing to attack you because you refused to install Windows Vista.

Microsoft Sam: Shit, time to remove all the RAM!

Error #7: The zombie of Microsoft Mike is standing behind you with a shotgun pressed to your head.

Microsoft Sam: Oh shit! I Better--

Microsoft Mike: Not fast enough, Sam!

(Microsoft Mike shoots Sam with a shotgun)


  • This is the first time Microsoft Sam reads the Title of the First Error.
  • This is the third episode with the new type of intro.


Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (S1EP3)

Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (S1EP3)