Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors S1EP4


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The fourth episode in my Funny Windows Errors series.



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Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors S1EP5

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Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors S1EP3





Error Requests:

Thunderbirds101: 8


November 01, 2008

Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors (S1EP4) is an episode of Season 1 created by Thunderbirds101


The Episode starts with Microsoft Sam Reading even more errors, Microsoft Mike was dead. Somehow, at the end, The Signal was cut off due to the fact that Windows needs a 7-day maintenance session.


Error #1: You somehow survived getting shot with a shotgun. Mike is furious.

Microsoft Sam: hahahahahahasoisoisoi! Mike is a noob!

Error #2: Enjoy the soy sauce!

Microsoft Sam: What the? How the hell could that happen?! Lets try saying that again! Enjoy the Soy Sauce! WTF?!

Error #3: Micro$oft Window$ is going to steal all of your money!

Microsoft Sam: Oh Shit! Time to run for the hills with my money!

Error #4: Eat your moldy cereal!

Microsoft Sam: Eww, I will Pass!

Error #5: Replace user and press any key to continue.

Microsoft Sam: No way! I refused to replace myself!

Error #6: Windows needs to take a dump. It will now go into standby mode.

Microsoft Sam: God Damn it! Take a dump later, you bitch!

Error #7: Windows has found a golden screw. It will now kill you with it.

Microsoft Sam: Oh shit, time to sprint away from the evil computer!

Error #8: Windows XP needs to preform a 7-day long maintenance session.

Microsoft Sam: God Damn it, why do you have to interrupt me when I--

(No signal)


  • This is the fourth episode of season 1 with the third new intro with the song's name played called "Electric".
  • This is the second time the signal was cut off.
  • This is the first time Microsoft Sam said "Enjoy" incorrectly with the T and H after the word Enjoy.



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