Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors S1EP5 is the 5th episode of Season 1 created by Thunderbirds101.

Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors S1EP5


November 08, 2008





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Error Requests:

Thunderbirds101: 6


Episode 5 in Funny Windows Errors. Featuring unique errors...


The episode starts with Microsoft Sam Reading Even More and More errors when his 7-day long maintenance session ended. However more errors wanted to waste more time of Microsoft Sam's error reading. Also, Windows Parental Controls downgraded to Windows Vista for making Sam Reboot so many times in 5 Minutes, however Microsoft Sam downgraded to 95.


Error #1: Windows XP has completed its 7-day long maintenance session. Thank you for your patience.

Microsoft Sam: Screw You! You wasted 7-days of my time when I will never get back! Bitch!

Error #2: Shut up or I'll waste FOURTEEN days of your life with maintenance!

Microsoft Sam: Stop being a bitch! I will fire that laser!

Error #3: Windows Parental Controls will now shut down your computer.

Microsoft Sam: FUCK YOU! BITCH!

(5 Minutes later of rebooting..)

Error #4; Windows XP has been infected with the virus known as Windows Vista.

Microsoft Sam: God Damn it! I want XP back, NOW!!!

Error #5; Windows Vista has encountered a fatal error:

-Fireguy1919 hacked Windows Parental Controls and caused Vista to crash and explode. It has now downgraded to Windows 95.

Microsoft Sam: (Microsoft Sam Laughs) Windows Vista is such a horrible piece of software!

Error #6; Internet Explorer downloaded a virus on purpose! The browser was destroyed and your hard drive was infected. It will take 7 days to wipe out the virus.

Microsoft Sam: God Damn it! Stupid Internet Explorer! Firefox FTW!


  • This is the fifth episode with 2 New types of Windows Errors.
  • This is the first time Microsoft Sam was downgraded to Windows Vista and then Windows 95.


Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (S1EP5)01:46

Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (S1EP5)

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