Microsoft Sam Reads Random Windows Errors

Current Season


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Spring to Summer 2011


No schedule actually used



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Microsoft Sam Reads Random Windows Errors was an error series based off of Thunderbirds101's Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors. It was produced and written by XproductionsTeam. Like in Thunderbirds101's Microsoft Sam Universe, Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, and Microsoft Mary are brothers and sisters to each other. However, Radar Overseer Scotty is a distant cousin of Sam, Mike and Mary.

Variant 1

The old version of Microsoft Sam reads Random Windows Errors was in fact named Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors, to support Thunderbirds101 for an unknown reason. This aired on XPT's extremely old craptacular website that he dosen't use anymore. However, only half of the videos he created for that series were uploaded (5 or 6). The profanity level was none, and the errors were not that comical.

Variant 2

On August 18th, 2011, XproductionsTeam decided to stop the 2nd variant for one basic reason: the series was still not funny enough to him. Variant 2 contained 2 episodes.

Variant 3

After Variant 2 was stopped and before XPT shutdown his channel, one more episode was released as a brand new series. The episode was the only episode to tie in with current events in the TTS community (more specifically the The War in the Republic of My).

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