Microsoft Sam Reads Stupid and Dumb Errors



WSAM0TV, others


Thunderbirds101, Akriloth2160, KFCStudiosTV




Airing; on second season

S&D Errors Title

Title Card

'Microsoft Sam Reads Stupid and Dumb Errors: REBIRTH 'is a error series created by WSAM0TV. It is his most popular series that is running, with 100 or more hits the first day an episode is released. Prior to the creation of the series, Microsoft Sam Reads Stupid and Dumb Errors was on a very long hiatus (and being eventually discontinued), hence the "REBIRTH" at the end.

Currently, the series is on its second season.

Season 1

The first season of the series is simply plotless, with no major antagonists. In the second episode, an error stated that there would be no errors related to IWAY Cookies, MW2, or L4D2 in the series. Also, Sam encountered Windows Acid Trip, which messed up his voice on a couple of errors. He managed to say "soy" correctly by typing "swoi". On the 3rd episode, AT&T Charles has taken place of him after Sam crashed. On the 5th episode, the flash error generator site was used. Also, this is the first episode to allow error requests.

Season 2

In Season 2, the Awesome Face Dance from KFCStudiosTV and the glitches from Thunderbirds101 were introduced. Also, a new running gag was introduced. Whenever MSSAM gets a sexy error, songs like "Oh Yeah" and "I Like Your Booty (But I'm Not Gay)" play whenever Sam gets it on with something. But still, he gets the usual unshmexy pr0nz.

In S2 E6, Microsoft Sam encounters the infamous, thus creating one of the most epic crashes in TTS history. Bluebird1494 said that it gave her goosebumps. In the next episode (S2 E7), Thunderbirds101 and RorytheRetrokid both requested an error, making the first episode to do so.

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