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Title card that is (partially) used in season 4.

MSSRFWEM (short for Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Error Messages) is a TTS error series made by Mochirisu (a.k.a M0CH1R15U as stated by his channel name).

Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Error Messages




Mochirisu (M0CH1R15U)


Thunderbirds101 and other TTS video makers


High - Extreme

Current season:

Season 4

New Episodes are aired on:


Airs in (Resolution):

Season 1: 720p

Season 2 Episode 1 - Season 4 Episode 5: 1080p

Season 4 Episode 6 - Current: 4K (2160p)

Season Length (H:M:S):

Season 1: 14:49 (Shortest)

Season 2: 1:14:00 (Longest)

Season 3: 56:12

Season 4: 39:36 (As of S4 E6)

Length in episodes:

Season 1: (8 Episodes)

Season 2: (12 Episodes. 9 regular episodes not including Chao Wars episodes)

Season 3: (12 Episodes)

Season 4: (6 Episodes created, Unknown Amount)



  • It premiered on 7/5/2011
  • As of Season 4 Episode 6: 38 Episodes have premiered in the series.

Pre-Production (Early 2011 - June 2011)


When Mochirisu started his channel on YouTube in February of 2011, he didn't know what a TTS video was. However, he started getting into TTS videos when he discovered Thunderbirds101's series, Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors. From that point on, he started to enjoy TTS videos, as well as watching the entirety (at that time) of FWE from Season 1 to the latest season (at that time also), Season 10. Then after that, Mochi got the idea to begin making his own TTS video series which has become to be known nowadays as Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Error Messages.


Before Mochi heard of he used paint, which only appeared in Season 1 Episode 1 (now deleted and replaced with a remade 2012 version). The use of paint made a few viewers not happy, but Mochi states that this was done on purpose to see which style was good for the series, Mochi chose the latter of the styles (the one from Season 1 Episode 2).

Season 1 (7/5/2011 - 7/24/2011)

In this first season of this series, Sam reads a crap filled error. Then Windows requests that Sam is a n00b and calls the LCPD on Sam, Sam then gets away with his trusty ROFLcopter, which sends him to his private island off the coast of LOLcity. Windows then farts on him and his tacos, and makes a error saying "Ensoi the joi sauce (which is a seizure that causes people to puke repeatedly.)" Mike tries to stop Sam from drinking the joi sauce, Sam then utters the words "Screw you Mike." And drinks it and gets the joi seizure, later Sam somehow says a mix of Spanish/Italian and can't revert back.

Mike takes over for Sam. Angry Smurfs from the land of Blue attack Sam's computer, which Mike can't do anything but let them attack. Windows tells Mike that it takes atomic craps. (Which is a reference to a later episode.) Windows goes on drugs, and makes Mike get the joi seizure, and Sam returns and says "Screw you Mike", he finds out that Windows is armed with 9000 screws and he better run. Then Sam can't play tetris so he utters the line. Then breaking news says that a gaint dairy cow is invading LOLcity, which scares Sam into hiding.

Sam reads an error that makes him have to hit himself with a book. Sam refuses to do it, then he gets the Dubble reinbow seizure with a rainbow apple logo, Windows then trolls at Sam to get a life which he does not want to, he tries to flush his toilet (which is out of order). He hires someone to fix his toilet and to force Mike to pay it. Sam then goes to St. Lolis to take a crap off the M0CH1R15U arch.

The dairy cow dies and Sam is happy that it is dead. Sam's computer blows up because it can't find Windows.exe, Sam then gets out his Win. 3.1 Win. 98 edition. Sam gets tagged by Mike, says a long line of profanities very innapropriate to show on YT for about a whole minute. His computer then blows up once again. Then cusses out mike again. Windows still hates Sam. What else? Sam's recycle bin explodes. Then Gaint mouth. No kidding. (Theres the reference from Ep. 2.) Windows says that Mike started up the Atomic Crap Bomb, and who ever says atomic crap is considered screwed. Sam tries to shut it off, the VOX then says too late. The ACB blows up.

Sam survives the ACB, but Windows now tries to kill him. Sam manages to excape. Sam then reads some stupid news, yadayadayada, go figure. Sam never recycles (cause of his L-A-Z-Y-N-E-S-S), the Angry Smurfs return but Sam lets Windows kill them (Again L-A-Z-Y-N-E-S-S), Mike loads Sam's laptop with the Really Sucky Virus. Sam's computer gets downgraded to 95 and then crashes.

Sam reinstalls XP on his computer, and goes to Cow$ Weapon $hop to get his revenge on Mike for Setting off the ACB and Putting the RSV on his computer. He purchases an ACB and launches it towards Mike's house which blows up. Sam then gets forced to take a wizzy in an A/C, but reboots his computer to excape the error. But gets shredded in half with a chainsaw and dies (or is he?) A supposed voice of M0CH1R15U reads an error that allows the broadcast of the trail of Windows XP. Mary is the judge at the LOLcity courthouse, Windows XP is guilty for murdering Sam, but an ACB from nowhere destroys the courthouse. It turns out to be the Un-killable Sam, Sam then tells the viewers to pause the video, if they don't Sam gets ROFLcopter Explosion and ends the video.

Micro$oft smashes Sam's computer's DVD drive, which makes him angry to watch South Park and other shows online w/ commercials that are stupid. Sam reads the 1st un-shmexy pr0nz error in this series. The errors get sabotaged by a robot with a reference stealing brain. Sam gets a cake from Windows, which its a lie. Sam speaks lots of jibbrish.

Sam reads a fortune that says that the DARO Retard Capsules are falling from the sky, Mike turns retarded (Due to eating Retard Capsules.), Sam fools Mike into being retarded, but the laughter stops when Weegeeta 9000bit destroys the city.

Season 1 Trivia:

Each episode ranged from 1 minute to 3 minutes in this season.

This is the shortest season of all (8 episodes) and 14 minutes and 49 seconds.

The entirety of Season 1 was developed before the series premiered.

There are white-spacing problems in S1 E2 - S1 E5, this will be fixed in the 2015 remake.

This season will be remade in 2015 in a single video and in 4K.

Season 2 (8/3/11 - 9/8/12)

Sam has nothing better to do than read errors and eat iWay cookies, but Micro$oft Anna blocks him from reading errors. Sam then says his spaz line then calls his WTF Train which approved the password which makes M$ Anna say: "Damn it Sam, this is only the beginning." The giant dairy cow returns as well (Which is a clone from the Aperture Highway Cookies lab which will appear later in the season. However the episode is unknown.) Another Un-shmexy pronz error appears after this. Windows then trolls Sam again by lying about a years' supply of iWay in Sam's trash can by putting a raccoon in it. A few errors later Windows shuts down for maintenance.

Season 2 Trivia:

M0CH1R15U considers this the worst season in the series, due to it introducing backgrounds behind errors without using Vegas. This entire season will be remade in 2015, with Episodes 1-9 in July and Chao Wars: Remade in October. Episode 12 won't be remade however because it was made in Vegas and even though it was negatively received it will still remain un-remixed.

This season was originally going to end on 9/30/11, however it took way longer to end due to Chao Wars, and the failure of M0CH1R15U's computer.

Season 3 (9/21/12 - 1/18/14)

Info yet to be posted...

Season 3 Trivia:

Season 3's finale was going to have an RPG battle, this was cut because M0CH1R15U was too lazy to make such a scene.

S3 E6 is the shortest episode of the series (Minus the intro), this was due to the fact that M0CH1R15U was uninspired at the time to make episodes.

Season 3 had the longest delays of any season (3 months longer than season 2's delays [S2 E8 - Chao Wars Special])

The shortest gap between seasons was between Season 3 and Season 4. The next season aired 6 days after season 3 because M0CH1R15U wanted to push the 4th season immediately due to the large amount of delays for the S3 Finale.

Season 3 was originally going to have 24 episodes. However, M0CH1R15U knew that was too long for a regular season (8 - 12 Episodes), so he went back to season 2's length in episodes.

Season 4 (1/24/14 - Current)

Info yet to be posted...

Season 4 Trivia

Season 4's length is a secret to everyone. It will however, be more than 12 Episodes, however the amount of episodes is unknown

S4 E6 brought the series to 4K (2160p) and introduced a new episode layout:

Tip of the Day > Intro > Fake Episode Title > Real Episode Title > Part 1 > Break (In some episodes) > Part 2 > To be Continued, Question of the Day, & End-slate > Sponsor > Info

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