Microsoft Sam Reviews Funny Pictures is a series created by ventures58.

Microsoft Sam Reviews Funny Pictures

Current Season

Season 1

Air Dates

June 1, 2010-


Thunderbirds101's "Microsoft Sam reads stupid and weird signs"


English, Japanese (After Christmas)

Country of Origin



Comedy, Satire

Running Time

Approx. 2-5 mins.

Created by





Microsoft Sam Reviews Funny Pictures premeired June 1st, 2010. The series features Microsoft Sam and other TTS voices reviewing funny pictures. Ventures58 originally announced that it would only air around holidays and school breaks such as Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, Summer Break, etc. However, due to a lack of series in his videos, he will make it a regular series.

Season 1

Season 1 aired June 1st, 2010 and will continue shortly.


  • Microsoft Sam (M)
  • Microsoft Mike (M)
  • Microsoft Mary (M)
  • Radar Overseer Scotty (M)
  • Radar Overseer Balakumar (M)
  • ventures58 (M)
  • Weegee 9000 (X)
  • Linux Anna (V)
  • Wee G-Major (X)

(M) Main Character

(V) Villain

(X) Character that hasn't yet been confirmed to appear in this series.


  • The series originally was only to air during Holidays and School Breaks.
  • The series will have its own title card and intro in addition to the ventures58 intro.
  • After Christmas, the series will be subtitled in Japanese when ventures58 finishes a Japanese language learning program.

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